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The owner came to discuss service. He was personable and knowledgeable. He provided me with a hydrogen peroxide generator which my research says is the best way to keep mold out of the A/C.


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Service rep was courteous and knowledgeable. Emergency service, fortunately, was available. All employees I spoke with were professional and pleasant.

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Excellent!! Came out at 9:00 on a Friday night! Harold was very knowledgable and polite. Fixed the problem, serviced the unit and was finished by 10:10. Great job would definitely use again!

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All installations include 10 Year Warranty on Leading Brand parts and equipment. You can rest cool in the summer and stay warm in the winter knowing your system will always be reliable.​

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Right now is the best time to save on new or replacement Air Conditioning systems. During the winter and into the spring, prices are low and our availability is high. Contact our team today for a FREE quote and exclusive savings.​​

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At every step of the installation process, we promise to provide you with exceptional service you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, right now we’re offering EXCLUSIVE pre-season savings on all Clearwater AC installations.


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AC Heat Pump Systems

Heat pumps are a remarkably efficient method of heating and cooling your Clearwater home. They’re a sort of all-purpose device, replacing both a central air conditioner and traditional heaters such as electric heat, gas furnaces or baseboard heaters. They are particularly efficient in climates such as Florida, where winter is comparatively mild.


However, many of our customers call us with questions, because heat pumps aren’t as well understood as standard central air conditioners, despite having been in use for a few decades in the United States.


If you have questions about heat pumps, give us a call at . We’d be happy to go over what a heat pump can offer your home. It’s never a bad time to consider an upgrade. Our goal is to offer you an affordable, energy efficient way to heat and cool your home. Take advantage of our experience and save on utility costs today!


What is a heat pump and how does it work?

A heat pump works by pumping heat, either into or out of your home. In the winter, it draws hot air from the outside and pumps it into your home, keeping you warm and toasty. In the summer, it draws hot air from inside and pumps it out of the home, efficiently cooling things down.


A heat pump system’s remarkable efficiency stems in part from the fact that it is easier to move heat than to create it. Heat pumps typically use substantially lower levels of electricity.


From the outside, a heat pump looks an awful lot like a central air conditioner. They both have two main components – the indoor unit which contains the coil, and the outdoor unit which contains the condenser. They utilize the same ductwork systems as other HVAC appliances, and give you one less major thing to worry about in your home.


Why choose a heat pump over a straight air conditioner system?

We, of course, believe that every home is different. A heat pump system may or may not be the ideal solution for your home. If you’ve got a super-efficient heating system already in place, and you want to stick with  straight central air conditioning, we will give you exactly what you need.


If, however, you are still trying to make a decision, there are several compelling arguments AC contractors and others make in favor of choosing a heat pump, especially in the mild winter climates of Florida and Clearwater in particular.


  • Instead of electric heat, which is the least efficient way to heat your home, a heat pump utilizes the physics of heat transfer to minimize its energy consumption. That’s less time and money spent on repair, less energy usage, and more peace of mind.


  • Greater efficiency than straight electric heat and even the most efficient gas furnaces means lower bills. Air-sourced heat pumps, the most common kind, are amazingly efficient, and geothermal heat pumps (we’ll get to those!) are even more so.


  • Better dehumidification than central air conditioning, even in the hot Florida summers. Humidity is a major part of your home comfort, and heat pumps offer a very comfortable environment.


  • Environmental sustainability and reduction of your carbon footprint are also possible with a heat pump. If you prioritize being green, a heat pump is the eco-friendly heating and cooling option.


What are the types of heat pumps?

The two most common types you will hear about are air-sourced and geothermal. Air-sourced heat pump systems are less expensive than geothermal systems, and they are also available as ductless mini-split systems, if your home doesn’t have an existing network of ducts with which to build an HVAC system.


Geothermal heat pumps are more expensive than their air-sourced cousins, but they offer the highest degree of economic and environmental efficiency available. Instead of transferring heat through the air, they exchange temperatures with the ground, which tends to remain at much more stable temperatures.


This allows a geothermal heat pump to avoid temperature swings and work smart, rather than hard. They are rarely used here in Tampa and Florida in general, but are more common in northern markets.




Carrier AC Systems

Carrier is a name that carries a lot of weight in the HVAC industry. They should; they’ve got over a century of experience in keeping things chilled. 


So of course we love Carrier products, but it isn’t for commercial or financial reasons. We love them because we’ve spent decades recommending them to our customers, and our customers have spent those decades being happy with their purchases. For us, Carrier means satisfied customers. We’re a family-owned company, and very proud of that. Our decades of experience have taught us to rely on the best, to provide you with the best.


Here is a fun history lesson:


Carrier has been the best since 1915. For context, that means that Carrier predates World War II, The Great Depression, and the common use of the modern calendar. They predate the existence of talking in film, NASA, and frozen food. When Willis Carrier found his company, Woodrow Wilson was President.


Women weren’t allowed to vote. Babe Ruth hit his very first home run. The world we know today would have been unimaginable then, but Carrier – like Jim Beam, DuPont, Colgate, Ford, and Brooks Brothers – has stood the test of all of those years and continued to innovate.


In 1902, Willis Carrier was a young engineer. He’d recently graduated from Cornell University, and was handed a problem by his bosses. Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing Company, in Brooklyn, couldn’t get their inks to stop running in the summertime, and their printing business was up against some troubles.


On July 17 of that year, Carrier submitted drawings for an “Apparatus for the Treatment of Air,” which would later be recognized as the world’s first modern air conditioner. His designs would control temperature, humidity, circulation, and quality.


In 1914, Buffalo Forge Company, for whom Carrier worked, began to focus their efforts on manufacturing rather than engineering. Carrier and several other engineers pooled their life savings and began the company that would go on to redefine the modern world.  For the last century, long after Willis Carrier’s death, the company has continued their traditions of hard work, innovation, and a consumer-oriented approach to business.


We’re honored to have spent our company’s history being a part of that.


Upgrading to a Carrier system has never been easier or more affordable.


When you’re shopping for an air conditioner, you’re probably going to spend a lot of time looking at SEER ratings. Even if you don’t know what they are, you know a higher SEER rating is better. It stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and it measures how well a given central air conditioner uses electricity to cool your home.


The federal government requires a minimum SEER rating of 13 on new air conditioners. Carrier, of course, isn’t satisfied with minimums. The flagship of the Carrier line is the Infinity 21, a variable speed air conditioner with a mind blowing SEER rating of 21. It is, in fact, the most efficient system on the market today.


Sometimes our customers worry that a Carrier AC installation will be too expensive, but it’s a great time to consider making the leap! Carrier AC and heat pump systems may qualify for exclusive incentives and financing options. Clearwater residents and the rest of the Bay Area should take advantage of these offers while they’re available.


AC Installation Blog

You shouldn’t have to call a professional every time you have a question. Information on your HVAC system should be freely available. After all, it’s your home, and you shouldn’t feel confused by anything you own. Part of being a homeowner is the ongoing education – you’ll always be looking into something to fortify your home, and we’ll always be here to help.


That’s why we’ve started this blog section. Our experts will answer all of the most common questions we receive. Even if you aren’t a Clearwater or Bay Area neighbor, we want you to have access to the most accurate and up-to-date HVAC news we can provide.


We don’t believe that everything in business should be a transaction. You won’t find us asking you to subscribe, or using our articles to constantly harass people into calling us for help. Instead, you’ll find simple, honest words from technical air conditioning experts who know that our knowledge is best put to use by serving you. Some common questions and concerns we will attempt to address are:


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