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Here in the Clearwater area, Carrier AC and heat pumps are a smart alternative to a traditional air conditioner paired with a gas furnace. If you are looking into upgrading or changing the way your home is heated and cooled year-round, ask your HVAC contractor about them.


Carrier – established in 1915 – is the oldest AC company in the world, and certainly one of the most trusted names. Willis Carrier, the founder and namesake of the corporation, is remembered as the father of modern air conditioning for a reason – he invented the first cooling coils, and would go on to patent eighty-odd other innovations and marvels to heat, ventilate, or cool a space.


Until the middle of the century, cooling a residential home seemed like an impossible dream – the machines were too large and expensive, reserved for movie theatres, industrial buildings, and corporate offices.


However, the Carrier AC Corporation would eventually crack the technology required to miniaturize their devices and place them in homes. That’s why, if it’s summer where you are, you are probably in an air-conditioned room, right this moment.


So why choose a heat pump in the first place?

A heat pump isn’t an air conditioner. Or, rather, it isn’t only an air conditioner. It’s a system that can perform the duties of an air conditioner and a heater, using the same concept: moving hot air around. In the winter, it will pull heat from outside and bring it into your home. In the summer, it will cool your home by expelling the hot air.


It’s no more complex an installation than a central air system, and thus is a viable option for many residential installations in Clearwater. The only reason not to choose a heat pump system is an exceptionally cold climate. Temperatures well below freezing usually call for a backup heat system, in which case a high-efficiency gas furnace and a traditional AC might be appropriate.


Why choose Carrier?

The benefit of a century of experience shouldn’t be overlooked. That experience isn’t hoarded within the Carrier Corporation. They keep relationships with their authorized dealers, and regularly provide ongoing training and education regarding their heat pumps and AC systems.


This way, air conditioning and heat pump installations are performed correctly, systems are appropriately sized and properly maintained, and everyone – especially the homeowner – is happy.


For a heat pump system that comes with a pedigree, a warranty, a guarantee, and prices that are competitive in any market, Carrier AC is an obvious choice, a contender among contenders right here in Clearwater. 


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