Generally, a more efficient  is preferable to less efficient alternatives. However, this isn’t always the case. In this article, we’re going to talk about a few reasons you may want to deliberately opt for a cooling system without the coveted “super efficient” descriptor.


When shopping for HVAC systems, salespeople might tell you that your first priority should be efficiency. However, in my opinion, the first and most important consideration should be your specific needs. That means, if you read this list and it applies to you, you may choose to opt for a lower-cost cooling system.


Let’s begin!


You may want to consider a less efficient central air conditioner IF:


The home in which you’re having a cooling system installed is a home where you do not pay the power bill. If you’re a landlord or property manager, the energy bills in a home are likely not your responsibility. In that instance, it might be worth saving yourself some money by opting for a simple air conditioner that will be sufficient to your tenant’s needs but may not be the most efficient available option.


While a cheaper cooling system does have higher energy bills, that cost A) won’t be passed on to you, and B) won’t be so much higher that your tenants will be negatively impacted. The fact that they have a newer system is what’s really important.



You aren’t home in the summertime. Many Clearwater residents keep vacation homes these days, or travel during the warmer months, or for other reasons find themselves away from the home during the peak months of air conditioner operation.


If you’ve got a forested cabin, a beachfront bungalow, or a ski-lodge tucked away somewhere, you probably aren’t using your central air conditioner all that often, anyway. At that point, it makes sense to purchase a simple cooling system without all the bells and whistles that raise the price tag.


You’re selling the house. This one’s pretty obvious, in our opinion. This doesn’t mean that you should absolutely avoid a more expensive central air conditioner; it just means that you should weigh what your buyer needs. If keeping the cost low is extremely important to your customers, then opting for a less-efficient, and thus less expensive  would be the right choice.


If you are able to pass the cost of a more expensive air conditioner onto the home buyer without incident, then you have more options. The reality is, that when showing a home for sale here in Clearwater, the fact that a brand new system is in place will help the buyer make a positive decision.


 The bottom line? You should weigh what you need first, not what a salesperson or technician says you need. 


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