Clearwater HVAC Contractors – What Separates the Good, the Bad and the Ugly?



It’s time for another round up of HVAC contractor warning signs. How do you, as a homeowner, spot the bad apples? Even more tricky – how do you tell the really great contractors apart from the “pretty okay” ones? Unlike Clint Eastwood, who used to have his own, umm, way of handling the bad guys back in the day, we’ll update that process a bit in this article.


It’s an important consideration, given that your contractors are responsible for perhaps the most important part of your heating and cooling needs – the installing process.


So here are a few things that make the good stand apart – a way to separate the wheat from the chaff, as it were right here in Clearwater:



Bad HVAC contractors will quote you estimates on the phone, and usually on the spot. This is because, for them, getting you to sign off on that work order is the primary concern. Except, because you’re reading this article, you’ll now know that no two air conditioning system installations are the same.


So you’ll know that a contractor who fails to come to your home and get their hands dirty crawling all over your attic and crawl spaces is there to take your money, not cool your home.



Experience matters, but it isn’t everything. We’ve been at this for over 4 decades now, so we know for sure that being in the game a long time isn’t as important as staying on top of your game. A good HVAC contractor will bring more to the table for your Clearwater home than decades of just doing it.


Their training will be current, they’ll be authorized to work with top manufacturers, and they’ll know the latest techniques and technology.



Bad HVAC contractors don’t have their paperwork in order. It takes more than a website, a phone number, and a panel van to do this job. The best in the business actively show you their credentials. They’re licensed by their state, and they’re certified to work with a wide variety of air conditioning systems.


A contractor who isn’t ready to carefully handle your needs is like a nurse performing open-heart surgery – out of their depth. They should also provide proof of insurance, reviews from past clients, and authorizations and certifications from all of the manufacturers whose systems they sell, install, or maintain.



The best Clearwater area HVAC contractors itemize their estimates and give it to you in writing. Verbal contracts are dangerous, guys. Contractors who offer verbal bids, rather than detailed, written contracts, are leaving themselves the legal wiggle room required to charge you more money. Reputable companies will avoid handshake deals, knowing that you deserve the comfort that comes from a clearly documented installation. 


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