New Heat Pump System in Clearwater - Should You Consider a Higher-Efficiency hvac system for your Home?


The most budget-friendly heat pump or HVAC system options aren’t necessarily the right ones. When you’re shopping around, it’s important to try to understand WHY certain systems cost more than others, and what the benefits of those systems means for your bottom line.


First, a heat pump is a great option for those of us lucky enough to live in places without a lot of sub-zero temperatures, like right here in Clearwater. (For those of you in Vermont and Siberia, we apologize; you’ll need supplemental heat to back up a heat pump and lot’s of it!) But all heat pumps are not created equal. You’ll want to weigh the difference between the cheapest systems – typically a single-stage HVAC system with a SEER rating of 14 or 15 – and a two-stage system with more bells and whistles.


HVAC systems are covered in jargon. One of the terms you’ll see often is SEER. That’s a number, usually right on the big yellow Energy Star sticker, and it stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Without boring you, higher SEER ratings mean lower bills. They run more efficiently, thus saving you money.


You’ll also run into “single stage” and “two stage” pretty often. In fact, I’ve already used them in this article. That refers to the compressor, which controls the way the unit can run. A single stage heat pump is either “ON” or “OFF” and it always runs at peak capacity. A two-stage system can run a “partial load,” meaning it runs at less than full capacity when temperatures are milder.


In every measurable way, a two-stage HVAC system is going to perform better than a single stage. That doesn’t guarantee that it’s the right choice for you, but it makes a compelling argument.


When You Should Consider a Single Stage System:



Your budget is tight. If you simply can’t afford the extra expense of a two-stage system, then get what you can and make the most of it. We’ll never knock that!


The Benefits of a Two-Stage System


A two-stage heat pump comes with any number of advantages, particularly if you live in a humid area.



Lower bills, better for the environment. Two-stage HVAC systems consume less kilowatts, translating to lower power consumption and lower energy bills for the homeowner.


More comfortable. Here in Clearwater, two-stage systems run more often – but with less power – leading to better humidity control, less drastic temperature swings, and a more comfortable home.


No matter what decision you make, ask your HVAC professional to evaluate your home and help you maximize the system you choose during the installation process.


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